Roofing Services in Norman and Moore, OK

NMT Roofing, based out of Moore, OK, serves the greater Oklahoma City area by repairing major roof damage. Severe weather or age of the building are prime culprits of major roof damage. Our roofing specialists tackle big projects from start to finish, including remodeling and repair needs to complement your roof restoration.

We are a full-service roofing, window and siding company serving residential clients in the greater Oklahoma City Metro area. Whether you have storm damage,  need a new roof, new siding or guttering or just want to update the appearance of your home, we’re here to help you. Did your home suffer wind or hail damage  and now you’re buried under insurance paperwork? We’ve got you covered.

NMT Roofing is a locally-owned, Moore, OK business founded in 2003. Our team of inspectors, crew, and office staff provide the same level of quality to all of our jobs, ensuring prompt and proper installation of only the best materials. Our success is due to referrals and repeat business. In fact, we’re  Oklahoma City’s only all 5 star roofing company on Google.  Experience the NMT Roofing difference. Call us @ (405) 217-0668 today!

Roof Repairs

As a locally-owned business, NMT Roofing knows Oklahoma roofs face not only standard wear and tear, but also frequent storms that make regular roof repairs essential. When your roof needs major mending, NMT Roofing focuses on returning the roof of your home or business to good-as-new or even better-than-new condition.

If your roof repair requires a storm damage claim, NMT Roofing deals with your insurance company for you. Our goal is to get roof repair costs covered so you can return your roof to working order with minimal stress and out-of-pocket cost.

NMT Roofing knows how to go beyond repairing structural and cosmetic roof damage. We can also make upgrades such as roof ventilation, energy efficiency enhancements, and other value-adding features. We specialize in repairing residential-type roofs, so we do not repair flat roofing or commercial roofing (that isn’t similar to home roofing).

Selecting NMT Roofing results in home and commercial roofing Norman, Oklahoma residents love and cherish. It also results in added property value and improved protection.

Call our Moore, OK office at (405) 217-0668 for more information about using NMT Roofing’s services, including cost and time estimates.

Additional Services

Repairing roofing around Norman, Oklahoma, is our primary focus, but while fixing your roof, we can also assist with needed repairs or your interior remodel. Our supplementary services include:

  • Painting
  • Repairing gutters
  • Fixing leaks
  • Restoring damaged drywall
  • Reattaching siding
  • Installing windows

If you’d like transform your home or office space during your roof restoration, ask us about using these additional services.


Choose Expert Roofing Contractors in Oklahoma City, OK

Roofs in Oklahoma take more beating than other roofs. In contrast to the beautiful landscape, our seasonal weather conditions can deliver a punishing blow to area homes each year. Are you confident that your roof can safely ride out the next storm?

When you’re ready to replace or repair your roof, call the pros. NMT Roofing has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). And it’s no wonder—being a locally owned company from the beginning, we know exactly what area residents need. We deliver high-quality results every time.

Over time, wind, hail, and snow take a toll on your roof. When your shingles and roof structure are damaged, that damage can easily spread with the next onset of inclement weather, or pave the way for problems like pest infestations.

Our roofing contractors in Oklahoma City, OK, are experts at fixing any kind of roof damage, from re-shingling to re-insulating to hole patching. Not only that, we can also take care of any other repairs you need, such as siding, gutters, and drywall.

At NMT Roofing, we use a wide variety of building materials and can help you find the best to fit your budget. Replacing an old, worn roof not only helps to protect you better—it will also raise the value of your home.

Keeping a roof over your family’s head is your primary concern, and keeping that roof strong and safe is ours. Let us help you protect your family from the elements while giving your home a facelift with a brand new roof.

One of the hardest things about getting your roof repaired or replaced is negotiating with your insurance company. Our roofing contractors in Oklahoma City, OK, have plenty of experience dealing with policies of all kinds, and can work on your behalf to get the process taken care of with very little effort on your end.

We know our service is fantastic, but don’t take our word for it. Check out some of the testimonials from our satisfied customers, and then give us a call at (405) 217-0668 to find out what we can do for you.



Not only is our climate unpredictable, many homes have roofs that lack utility and longevity. Realizing that your roof may need to be mended or replaced can be very stressful. At NMT Roofing, we make it our mission to see that the process of replacing or repairing your roof is as painless as possible.


Whether you are remodeling, renovating or building a new home, Our selection of modern technology windows deliver unmatched beauty and state-of-the-art performance for energy savings, reduced maintenance and a more comfortable home.


Whether you require exceptional appearance and the highest level of quality and performance or you’re looking for value without compromise, there’s a siding system within our extensive selection to meet your needs perfectly!


Repairing roofing around Norman, Oklahoma, is our primary focus, but while fixing your roof, we can also assist with needed repairs or your interior remodel. Our supplementary services include painting, repairing gutters, fixing leaks, restoring damaged drywall, reattaching siding and installing windows.